Myles Taylor

Yeah sure, of course I’ve had those moments,

the ones you came here for. Holding them

while they mourn their dead trans friend,

the friend’s green skin & blue gown, as if

they were simply an angel being viewed

underwater, which, you could argue,

they were, that we all are, but I don’t want

to talk about that right now.

I want to talk about the moment after,

when their grief slowed & we laughed & kissed

like our bodies were actually ours

& not some too-small pillowcase our soft souls

were stuffed into, our genders muffin-topped

out the end, unprotected. I want to talk about

their laugh & her smile & their weird sense of humor

& his favorite ice cream flavor & my god,

the one that only shows up when we are crying

& only to help us hold the water back

before we find ourselves again, & then they’ll leave,

knowing that if we have survived this long,

we can do anything they could have done

& more.

Myles Taylor (they/he) is a transmasculine writer, organizer, award-winning poetry slam competitor, barista, Emerson College alum, Capricorn-Aquarius cusp, and glitter enthusiast. They run Moonlighting: A Queer Open Mic and host at the Boston Poetry Slam. Their work can be found in The Shallow Ends, Academy of American Poets, Washington Square Review, and others. Follow them @mylesdoespoems.

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