Kelly Hegi

Pieces fall

Reddish curls pile in the sink

I’m sick of having wings when I wake up in the morning

Shave it off

Buzz the wings

Skim away the opinions of others

Who are more comfortable in the middle

Thick piles are beginning to clog the drain

Funny how what chokes the flowing water feels like freedom

Emancipation from carrying what is not mine

Like the thought that a woman shaving her head is too extreme

Radical and forceful are more comfortable homebase

The soft middle irritates like the tiny sharp hairs stuck in my shirt

I’ll shower it all away soon, washing them all down the drain

The fiery strands of my Irish descent swirl and stick to the counter

Liberation whispers new truths I never knew I was missing

Kelly Hegi is a writer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA with her
husband, kids and dogs. She is a licensed minister, an active Spiritual
Director and writes to explore everyday life from a more creative lens. She has just begun to get published and is still stunned when it happens.

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