Longlisted Work

Fiction Longlist

Lance Nixon

You come into the solar system past the smoldering husk of the red dwarf, Nemesis, into the tundra-like wastes of the Oort Cloud, threading a path among dirty snowballs of methane and ammonia and water, and then the tedious plain of the Kuiper Belt is before you, the centaurs Chiron

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My Name is Aditya
by & ©2015 Miodrag Kojadinović

Sometimes as I pull the squeegee down the panes, I look at the bright sunlight outside, the sea, occasional cloud in the distance, gulls diving for flotsam in the harbour… and I see nothing. I switch off and turn blank. What was the name for that, again? Our yoga teacher

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D.E. Kern

I circle the development in 1,400 steps—or nine minutes—six to eight mumbled hellos to neighbors in waiting, two hearty greetings for those I know better. But I feel drained after one-half mile, one of three walks I will force upon myself between three classes and two meetings, because I take

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Hyten Davidson

NIGHT. Barbara, first-time babysitter who just started putting up flyers for her services on her thirteenth birthday, sits rubbing her thumb in the palm of her other hand in Interrogation Room B. Detective Hamish said she could go home after she told the truth, but that was hours ago. And

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Bridgette Walden Boothe

Once monthly. That bin. Smaller than two carry on suitcases stacked atop each other. Dark grey in color. Once a month for waste pickup. Weekly, the 3 Colorful Bins—Red, Yellow, and Blue For sorting plastic, metal, and glass—paper stacked to the side. Big Bins. Each one big enough on its

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by Mistah Pete

Mother’s Maiden Name Hirschfelder Name Of First Pet Dog Make Of First Car Schwinn Are You A Robot? N Click All Squares With A Boat …are there any boats here? Click For New Test Click, I guess Click All Squares With A Taxi Click Click …is that a taxi or

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