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Fiction Shortlist

Hell Hath No Fury
By Bryan Starchman

There have been countless studies conducted on the International Space Station to determine the effects of weightlessness on the human body but in 2047 astronaut Carl Whittle unintentionally started a newresearch project on how close quarters can affect the human heart. Whittle and his girlfriend Teresa Givens were only the second

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Keeping Promises
Melissa Ridley Elmes

“I want to go for a walk,” Jim announced for the tenth time that day. It was five o’clock p.m. and the sun had been ducking in and out between enormous thunderhead clouds, playing hide-and-seek with the earth all afternoon. The clouds were purple-grey and swollen, not ominous, exactly, just

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The Red-tailed Hawk
Gabriel Parker

“Daddy read me a story.” Beautiful words. So, I break out dust covered volumes of poets and thinkers, undertakers and dreamers, and I read. I read to the young boy, both me and not me, who lays comfortable in his bed on the earth so far below my flying words.

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Carolyn Huizinga Mills

This morning I threw out your shampoo. I want to include that in my statement. I want to describe the sound of the lime green bottle clunking against the bottom of the garbage can. Only, I can’t get up. It’s not just the shampoo. It’s the razor balanced on the

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Merle Kinney

I’m in the middle of a job interview when my titties say, “But do we actuallyknow how to manage a shoe store? Like…you’re sure we’re not too nice to be a leader?” “Oh, interesting point.” The interviewer tilts her head, smiles a little. “Speak on that.” I make a fist under

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No Man’s Land
Voyo Gabrilo

My visa expired while I was living in Serbia. I had to exit the country and get my passport stamped. My dinara were dwindling and I didn’t have enough money to go on a trip. I could’ve written my folks and asked them to send the money—my dad would’ve loved that, another

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Kurankyi Dadson

“Can you see it? “ Rosie unclasped her hands from her mug of cocoa as she spoke and placed it on the oak table, leaving sorry dregs swirling around the bottom. “The sun,” she continued, as if I didn’t know what she was referring to. I reluctantly let go of

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The Intolerable Mr. M.
Steve Bates

I don’t know how the rumors started, but they took root like the relentless weeds of summer. Hans Miesenzahl, known in the neighborhood as Mr. M, was a former Nazi. His exact role in the atrocities of that terrible time in history varied, depending on who was telling the story.

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