I Didn’t Keep Your Presents
Sarah Guy

If anyone asks,

I’ll just tell them

they didn’t fit anymore.

My hands outgrew the confines of

the pretty false silver rings

your mother bought me,

because I know

she bought them.

You couldn’t fool me.

I knew you

never paid attention.

So, when I gave away

your baby lamp,

where I kept my jewelry

for two years,

I left the rings inside.

Because I found

that I had come

to dislike them

as much as I

had come to

hate you.

Sarah Guy graduated from Florida State University with a major in Creative Writing and a minor is History. Currently she attends Escoffier Culinary school but has an array of hobbies including writing, drawing, baking, and photography. Sarah is currently trying to finish a collection of short stories in hopes of being published soon after.

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