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Poetry Longlist

Pancakes From Scratch
Kimberly Thornton

My mom said she craved pancakes while she was pregnant, she’d make them for dinner almost every night, my dad never raised a brow, he liked sweet things. I don’t remember my first pancake in or out the womb, but I remember the butter melting into the browned flat cakes

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dry wall
Jody Rae

I was nine when our next door neighbors gave us a rotted out playhouse from their backyard. To move it into our yard, Dad removed a section of the fence and, together, he and our neighbor rolled the playhouse on a series of metal pipes, rotating each from back to

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Bacardi in the Linens Closet
Cassady O’Reilly-Hahn

We’ve been moving so fast I can’t tell if this bottle is misplaced from the others or simply stuffed under sheets because when I return to bed drenched in the day’s sweat she cannot stand the smell of me and, the next morning, when she has the smell soaked into

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Anastasia Jill

Fancy underwear keeps my thighs humble, hips climbing up the empire of my back. Between the huntress and the conquered– ** I stick my chest out for the gladiator boys who will eat me on dinner plates shaped like sheets. They do not care that I’m a good girl, even

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Anastasia Jill

I lost my virginity to fireflies strung between two oak trees and a stream— I didn’t scream, but watched fire burn in the wood. I walk there now, barefoot, find the bug not like other bugs striking crooked match legs against rotten floor— a good bug, just like me full

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Kelly Hegi

Pieces fall Reddish curls pile in the sink I’m sick of having wings when I wake up in the morning Shave it off Buzz the wings Skim away the opinions of others Who are more comfortable in the middle Thick piles are beginning to clog the drain Funny how what

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Sophie Hall

forget to chew before swallowing—that’s how effortless, how solid the dreams of silk, like if-you-believe-it, it-is, like you can drink rust and it will only corrode like home, clanging door hinges between kitchen and garage, your brother on the other side hammering who knows what. the air of silver   turns

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I Didn’t Keep Your Presents
Sarah Guy

If anyone asks, I’ll just tell them they didn’t fit anymore. My hands outgrew the confines of the pretty false silver rings your mother bought me, because I know she bought them. You couldn’t fool me. I knew you never paid attention. So, when I gave away your baby lamp,

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Death Howler
Riley Danvers

Do you know  how To live  through  the death of your own motherhood? To watch blood stain skin Of your thighs cover wood floor of your bathroom spread across canvas of the life you were building? Do you know  how To feel your body  empty itself of feeling? Release last

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Self-Portrait as Mountain
Beth Copeland

From a distance, my face is Vishnu blue, the shade of a newborn’s eye and smooth from the erosion of wind, rain, and landslides. My slope is like a woman’s unrobed shoulder. My crown is cleft, as if two mountains merged— one dark, one light—or to be true, two continents

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Ode to Summer
Caitlyn Cacciatore

O sweet summer, O honey dripping like amber from our lips – why must we deprive the bees of the fruits of their labor; why do we pick summer’s last roses to put on display? let them melt into the good and giving earth; allow the petals to fade and

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Maggie Bowyer

The fridge was buzzing Something awful in my ear; The rest of the apartment was eerie, The silence seeming to bounce Off the walls now missing So much for their furniture, Your furniture. I turned on a 90s RomCom To drown out the couple Arguing about dishes upstairs. I couldn’t

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Early Snow
Ron Bernas

How shocked they must have been, these leaves, to wake up on this crisp, fall morning and learn that overnight someone had decided their time was done. The news came quietly, without fanfare, not even the stars saw it coming; yet no one misunderstood. “But — we’ve only just started

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