Anastasia Jill

I lost my virginity

to fireflies

strung between

two oak trees

and a stream—

I didn’t scream,

but watched fire

burn in the wood.I walk there now,


find the bug

not like other bugs

striking crooked

match legs against

rotten floor—

a good bug,

just like me

full of spots

on her back

just like me

who lost her leg

to a greedy,

grizzly tree.

She is happy

we found

each other.

She was scared

here, all alone.

We are whispers,

sisters in one life

lived so broken.

Anastasia Jill (she/they) is a queer writer living in
the Southeast United States. She has been nominated for Best American Short
Stories, Best of the Net, and several other honors. Her work has been
featured with, Pithead Chapel, apt, Minola Review, Broken Pencil,
and more.

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